Energy Saving Made Simple

Loop is your personal energy assistant, constantly tracking exactly how much electricity and gas you use and how much it costs. Completely independent, Loop has teamed up with uSwitch and can also compare how much you pay compared to other energy providers and, should you wish to, Loop provides an easy way to switch. Loop helps you save energy and money.

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What is Loop?
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Loop Electricity Transmitter

The Loop electricity transmitter encloses your electricity mains wire, near your electricity meter in your home.

It can gather all the information it needs from this one place.

Loop Gas Transmitter

The Loop gas transmitter reads the dial of your gas meter to constantly track your gas usage.


Loop is simple to install and only takes a few minutes by following the step by step online registration process. Loop will even inform you that your installation has been completed successfully!

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How does Loop work?

Data Factory

Once we've received your personal energy data, we can start to work our magic!

Keep track of your electricity and gas usage at home and on the go

You can log into your Loop account online at any time to monitor your energy usage - on your computer, your tablet, or your phone for peace of mind when you're on the move.

What's amazing about Loop?
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Live energy feed

Is everything as it should be? Loop can tell you in real time that your energy consumption is what it should be when you're not there.

Graphical Data

We use some rather nice looking graphs to show you how your electricity and gas usage has changed over time. You can explore your usage over days, weeks, months, and years.


Not content with showing you what you've been up to, we also try to give you some easy to understand energy insights.

This means you can more easily find out how you use electricity and gas, and what this means in the real world

Allowing you to act on your own informed choices.

Loop will compare electricity and gas prices and should you wish to, help you switch to ensure you are getting the best deal for you.
Loop provides all the tools you need to be able to manage your energy and save money.

"Our usage is really high at the moment.

I'll take two minutes to check if I can turn anything off..."

"I'm off camping for the weekend. I'll just turn the fridge down a notch."

"I managed to save £3.50 worth of energy last week and I hardly did anything!"